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Who's who with Rosie

Rosie (left) with Bridgett

What would you say to your teenage self, knowing what you do now as an adult?

if I were a teenager I would say to myself: life will get better, keep going, don't give up. 

What book did you read last? 

I don't read much but I do like a film - any film!

What hobby do you enjoy?  

I like badminton but haven't found anyone to play so if someone likes to play - just ask.

What team do you serve in at church?

I am on the Refreshments Team as I love meeting people and seeing the faces of those who I have come to know.

How did you become a Christian? 

I came to an Alpha course about 4 years age at the Hub. Before that I had been invited to the

Christmas carol service, which was my introduction to Gateway Church! I gave my life to the Lord

when I was 43.

Who inspires you?

I have been inspired by people who have come alongside me.

Bridget (picture above, right) brought me to that first Christmas service, took me through Alpha and my Journey to Christ. Roy and Viv taught me so much and the people at Signing Group who started signing to include me.

These people inspire me as without them I could have stayed lonely, depressed and aimless. So for me, God led me to a fresh outlook, friends, a better way and cake!


Gateway Church Ashford, is a church in Ashford, Kent, and is part of the New Frontiers movement and within the Catalyst Network sphere.


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