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Image by Bram Naus

The Office

Call: 01233 638866


Visit: Gateway Church Ashford, The Riverside Centre, Clockhouse, Ashford, Kent, TN23 4YN

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm

Riverside Café Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9.30am-4pm

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How to find us

Travel options include:

- Bicycle; we have bike racks on site where you can secure your bicycle. We are connected to excellent bicycle routes from both north and south Ashford. 

- Walking: The Riverside is accessible from key walking paths in Ashford which means you can avoid the roads and get your steps in!

- Bus: Catch any of these buses, A, 1A, 2, 518, 519, HS1, WS1. Then jump off at Brookfield Road or Leacon Road (near Matalan), and we are a 5 minute walk away.

- Car: We have limited parking on site for 60 cars, so where you can use the travel options above or arrive promptly.

- Train: We are a 25 minute walk away from the train station.

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