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Who we are
Get to know us and our vision

Image by Tim Marshall


Our vision is to be a family of believers with a heart to:

Make disciples who....

  • Love God

  • Love One Another

  • Love the world


We are all about Jesus! We believe He is the hope of all the world and that He changes lives. We want to grow disciples that follow Jesus and are equipped to share the news of His gospel with all of Ashford and beyond. 


We love the Holy Spirit and want to encounter His presence in our meetings and in our everyday lives. 


We want to grow in our relationship with God our Father and grow a church family where everyone is walking in their identity as a daughter or son of God. 


To find out more about the vision of the church, you can read our booklet ‘The Next Chapter’ or watch our latest 'Vision Sunday' talk, here. 


Gateway Church is part of the Catalyst network of churches.


We would agree with the following statements of faith:


Our Team

We have many teams within the church that provide an opportunity for getting involved, utilise skills, giftings and interests, and connecting with others as we action our vision. Gateway Church is led by a growing and highly committed team of staff and volunteers, serving the church pastorally and operationally, and overseen by a team of Elders. 

Our Team
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