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Stories of God's Goodness - Lee

I have epilepsy and had run out of a medication that I have to take to prevent a cluster of seizu

res as I have been having quite a few recently. Because it's a while since they were last prescribed I needed to speak to a doctor to get them put back on my repeat prescription list. Sadly these days it is not straightforward getting an appointment and we were told a doctor would ring before 12.00 noon on Monday morning. No call came so we went back and politely asked if they could ring before my dad who was helping me had to go to work at 1pm. We then went back and prayed that we would be called by someone who would show us God's favour.

At 12.15 a lovely lady rang and was so kind in listening to my request and quickly agreed to put out a prescription which we collected later that afternoon. I thanked her for her kindness and felt prompted to ask if she was a Christian because we had been praying that God would arrange for someone to ring who would "do us good". She said yes I am and sounded pleased to be asked.

I said that is so good because you are God's gift to us as our answer to our prayers this morning. She laughed and we all rejoiced together at God's faithfulness and goodness in answer to our prayer that day. Isn't He so good to us? Praise You Lord!

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