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Profile - Meet Barney & Claire

Barney & Claire Hall

Barney Hall has recently been invited to join the eldership team at Gateway.  In the Know interviews Claire Hall about her husband…

Hi Claire, how did you and Barney meet? We met in a pub in Bromley after a prayer meeting. We didn’t know each other but he chatted me up and I thought he seemed like fun!

Tell us about life before Ashford? We were living in a flat in Bromley, and attended King’s Church, but knew this was temporary.  We had a daughter, Edie, and were looking to move to a house.  Barney has always felt called to the ministry. I knew that when we married, so it didn’t come as a surprise, but I never thought we would move to Ashford. I’m a city girl and so Ashford feels like a small town - like being in the country!

We visited Ashford a few times, and felt God was saying it was right to move there for something new. My mum knew we would move to Ashford before we did!

First impressions of Ashford? I like living in Ashford. The people here seem really friendly, compared with London. I find myself chatting to strangers in Tesco’s – which doesn’t really happen in London!  And Gateway church has a real family feel.  

I was excited when Barney was approached about being an elder in the church. We’ve been together 14 years and I’ve always known he would one day be in church leadership.  

So what’s Barney like?  What can we expect?! It’s exciting. He’s got vision and big dreams but has also got his feet in the real world. He loves people and loves his family. We are both teachers. I’m a primary school teacher and also looking after Edie and Jude, and he’s a secondary school art teacher. He’s currently working 2.5 days a week as an art teacher in Orpington, studying for an M.A, and then doing 1 ½  days a week working for the church. So it’s all change – but really exciting.

How can we help you as a church? Keep being you – friendly!   And please pray for us. 


Meet our current Elders - Graham Hall and Richard Burgess online at:


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