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Poem - The King of Spin Or Divine Design

By Tony Halstead

A cunning little goblin, I nimbly surf my net: So agile on the fragile, How clever can one get?

The web displays my genius: Its source is quite divine. I’m programmed so to do it, Yet proud to call it mine.

Oh great the glinting gossamer, Elastic, strong and smooth. But when a snack becomes enmeshed, Itself it cannot move.

Some folks think me ugly, Which so fills me with woe; Yet Mother once assured me: “You’re the prettiest thing I know!”

My many legs negotiate Transparent, sticky strands. Like some nightmarish acrobat, Those limbs become my hands!

I have never once felt dizzy As I build my trap aloft. My balance is miraculous, For I’ve never once dropped off!

I skip along the gossamer Like some gymnastic great. Why I never get entangled. I can only speculate.

Lines of glistening light I spin, That ripple in the wind. The breeze and I we have a deal: He blows my meals right in!

My poison is amazing: It turns my prey to mush. This avoids hard chewing As insects are dead tough!

“Always wrap yer lunch up”, Dad would grunt and say. “Cos if it’s in a parcel neat, It don’t get in the way”.

I have a hundred sisters. One is called Annette. She lost an eye the other day, But has five others yet!

My spinnerets are in my rear: Not a pleasant place, for When the wind gusts backwards, The strands blow in my face!

On moonlit nights when all is still I make my web a harp. I pluck arachnid melodies Which decorate the dark.

Knit one pearl two, The lines are sewn so thin How delicate my network: I am the King of Spin!


Gateway Church Ashford, is a church in Ashford, Kent, and is part of the New Frontiers movement and within the Catalyst Network sphere.


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