Poem - Risky Living

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Poem written by Tim Arnott following Ben Goodman’s Sunday morning message on 8th March 2018

Gateway Church Ashford - Risky Living

Risky Living I'm calling you to a life of risky living 
It's my desire and purpose - my word from heaven
 And I mean all of your life all your living and giving
 Every breath that you breath your absolute everything

For I've heard your heart beat  to become more like my Son 
I've heard your heart cry for my kingdom to come 
 And I've seen your hands so open to me 
In adoration and worship and surrender so deep

And I know all about the concerns of your heart
 I've got you I hold you and you're set apart 
Not aloof, out of touch in the world where you live 
But a vessel of my presence with my love to give

Strength rises within you as you gaze upon me 
I'm growing within you a faith that can see  
Treasures of darkness
 Hidden gems of this world
 As you delight in me and spend time in my word

Now there's a call on your life
 And it comes from the throne room of heaven
 Because you've chosen this pathway- a life of risky living 
 All of heaven is open- my treasure store is full And as you draw upon me my power will fall

You may not understand all the detail of my ways
 But as you choose to partner with me day by day 
As you choose to step out as my hands and my feet My ears are attentive - your heart cry I'll meet

For your choosing to become just like my Son
 Walking in sonship and seeing my kingdom come
 And my joy and my peace will rise up in your heart
 As my army advances, holy, set apart.

Risky living. Risky giving. With eyes full of faith
 With great boldness and courage go forth in my name
 Lift me high. Shout it loud. My glorious name 
As you step out in my power and see my kingdom come.

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Gateway Church Ashford, is a church in Ashford, Kent, and is part of the New Frontiers movement and within the Catalyst Network sphere.