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Looking Outwards - Adventure in Cambodia

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Dan & Ruth | Adventures in Cambodia

A few weeks ago, mum and I set off on an adventure to Cambodia with a team from the Northern Irish branch of the charity Habitat for Humanity. It was an incredible experience with temples, motorbikes piled high with people, and of course a lot of heat, humidity and hard-work.

The work was all worth it though as by the end of the trip we were able to complete the build and give a family a brighter future with a roof over their heads, security and privacy from others. The one roomed home had a bamboo floor (2000nails!) 9ft off the ground (it rains a lot there) and a very important toilet (I helped dig a 1.5m deep pit by hand). It wasn’t all hard work as we were able to be tourists for a bit and see the sights (such as Angkor Wat), relax after a long day’s work and enjoy all sort of interesting Cambodian food. A trip to the ‘killing fields’ brought that history alive in a very sobering way.

The adventure was a memory we will never forget as we were able to not just go and see the ‘touristy’ parts of that beautiful country but also get to meet and help the people that live there in a very real and lasting way. We are so grateful for all the support that we got from the church family.  We really can’t thank you enough for helping us go!! If you want to hear any stories in more depth either of us would love to tell them and we have many, many pictures to show!

Dan & Ruth Fitch


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