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Children's Content 12.7.20

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Hi All,

New material from We have used this material before in BLAST, it was a nice change. Take a look and see what you think!

This week’s theme is: ‘You are never alone’. looking at story of Hezekiah’s life in 2 Kings 18-19, the aim is to help the children explore the idea that God is always with them. Hezekiah made good choices and bad choices, choosing sometimes to trust God and other times to ignore Him but, through it all, God’s presence was with him.

The material is attached so you can go through it with your children. What we hope that you will be able to help them feel that God is all around them.

Older age material:

Download PDF • 422KB
Download PDF • 573KB

Younger age material:

Download PDF • 869KB
Download PDF • 927KB

Here is a worship song (talked about in the material) You can play this song and then as your children to draw what they think it feels like to have God near them.

A little extra!

If you want to explore this idea more, at some point this week play hide and seek with your child. When you have a snack at the end of the game, share with your child a time when you’ve felt alone and God has come and helped you in some way.


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