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Youth Mission - training done and dusted

YWAM Harpenden used to be a orphanage so it is a collection of buildings which are flats and dorms and surround a large grass area called the oval. We have been staying in dorms in building 9 with the boys having a room between them and the girls sharing with 2 others. With us in the building are 4 other youth teams. Three are going to Albania and 1 is going to Ukraine.

Each day has started with breakfast in BBhall and then devotional and quiet time all together in the chapel. We then had a talk for about an hour and a half (Saturday - welcome, Sunday - evangelism, Monday - spiritual discernment and Tuesday - hearing God’s voice). Tea break was next before another session. Sometimes all together in the chapel doing things like evangelism games and sometimes splitting off into team time.

We ate lunch in BBhall and we were on lunch clean up everyday. Then we had free time before more team time till dinner. The activities we did ranged from team building games to role play and outreach prep and we also had a talk on Romanian culture.

On Tuesday we also experienced a cultural role play in someone’s house which was quite awkward with gender segregation and odd food but was a real learning experience for all of us. Then we had dinner at 6 as a team (with a ban on phones) before more free time while all the other teams did their work duties.

Evening talks were based on Kintsukuroi which is about golden repair and restoration and how are scars help us grow and are a beautiful part of our identity - they are not wounds.

Evenings were sometimes structured with laser tag, capture the flag and a bonfire and were sometimes just more free time to relax (and occasionally shower). Then to bed to rest ready for another full day.

It’s been an amazing few days full of connection with God and a real growth in the strength of our team which has involved our 2 YWAM leaders Nick and Joel.

Joel is a 19 year old uni student who has grown up in YWAM and adds a real energy to our team. Nick is more experienced in mission and has been a voice of wisdom as well as fun.

- Written by team member Anna Fitch

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