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Profile - Youth Weekend Away

On the first weekend of half term 14 of our youth and 6 of our youth leaders went on a weekend away to Scout Adventures Downe in Orpington. It was a fantastic weekend filled with fun activities, great food and inspiring Bible teaching. Friday night was a relaxed evening settling in with an Alpha video on the Holy Spirit, giving us a taste of what was to come. There was a wide game for those who fancied getting cold and wet but having a great time.

Saturday brought the addition of Will along with Arwen, Nathan and Izzy. The morning was spent playing trust games with Mark, Task Master with Dale and then a paint war before lunch which ended in a lot of mess and everyone needing showers.

Following the fun of the morning we had a picture hunt after lunch which involved working as a team to collect a list of different photos. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing with many trips to the shop for tuck!

After dinner we had worship from the band and had an inspiring talk from David on the theme of The Holy Spirit. There was a real presence of the Holy Spirit among us and many of the youth had encounters that night. Mark lit a bonfire in the evening and we had marshmallows and played wide games in the dark.

Sunday was another day jam packed with activity. We split into two groups and did scout activities with one group going up Jacob's Ladder and the other doing the Leap of Faith. Afterwards we had a bit of alone time – walking through the site around us and reflecting on the weekend - spending some time alone with God.

After hotdogs for lunch we went back to the scout activities with the groups swapping activities. Everyone one made it to the top of both – a great achievement. At the end of this it was time to collect our bags and go home after an amazing weekend.

All the youth came away saying it had been a great weekend and that the small group had in fact made the weekend more enjoyable and intimate.

- Anna Fitch


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