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Children's Session 10/5/20

Updated: May 27, 2020

Last week we looked at the God of miracles Superbook Story (see below if you missed it last week)

From this story we looked at the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man. This week we are going to look at Jesus' first miracle, Jesus turning water into wine!

Click on the video below to see Adam and Reuben talking about the story!

This miracle is recorded in John 2:1-11. Jesus and His disciples were at a wedding when the wine ran out. Jesus’ mother told Him about the problem and then she said to the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” Jesus told the servants to fill six large stone jars with water, then to tip some out and bring it to the master of ceremonies. When the master tasted it, he thought the wine was so good that they had saved the best for last!

Below are a few videos for you to watch


Super truth for this week!

‘I can turn to Jesus for all of my needs’

The guests at the wedding needed more wine, Jesus was able to help them. 

People everywhere have all kinds of needs. They may need food, money, jobs, healing, friends, or simply some hope. People who don’t know Jesus can feel desperate about their problems and look for answers in the wrong places. They are often disappointed with the results. But, when we turn to Jesus, we will not be disappointed; he is real, he hears our prayers, and he performs real miracles to meet our real needs!


Activity for parents to show their children

You will need:

  • Clear plastic cup

  • Pitcher of water

  • Two white plastic spoons

  • Blue and red food colouring

A day in advance, place two drops of blue food colouring and one drop of red food colouring on to each of the plastic spoons, leave to dry. It is recommended that you try this in advance to see if it works.

This shows that no one is able to turn water to wine like Jesus! He made real wine to meet the real need at the wedding. Jesus did not do a trick, like this activity. People would have known immediately if they were only drinking coloured water instead of wine! In fact, the Bible tells us that Jesus’ wine tasted much better than the original wine that was served! 

Important to remember 

As said above, people have lots of needs and as we saw in our video, things aren’t always as they appear. But remember that when we turn to Jesus, we will not be disappointed; he performs real miracles to meet our real needs!



Father in heaven, we worship and praise only You. We believe that You sent Jesus to Earth. He did amazing miracles by Your authority and took care of people’s needs. Because we believe in You, our own lives are filled with Your power! Help us to be quick to bring our needs to You. Thank You for hearing our prayers. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Other info

Olly Knight who is a worship leader from Canterbury is leading a worship and bible study time each week day from 8:30-9am on Facebook. On friday’s his whole family joins in and they call it Friday Family Worship, I would really recommend it. You can watch it live or after the event.


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