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Adult Students

English for Speakers of Other Languages Course

If English isn’t your main language, you can attend our ESOL course to help you improve your skils. It is held at The Riverside Centre in South Ashford.


These courses are called ESOL or ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’. They are taught by fully qualified tutors, and covering a range of topics.



10 Week Course 

3 courses a year

September to December

January to April

May to July

Cost £3 a lesson or

£25 for 10 sessions



10-11:45am at The Riverside

Two classes

Entry 1/2 and Entry 2/3

Drinks break at 10:45am


Going to the doctor

Filling out forms

Helping your child at school

Using public transport

Understanding British money

Job applications

...and much more!

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