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Prophetic - Picture shared by Paul

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The picture Paul saw

I saw a meadow, awash with wild flowers, with a fence enclosing it but a gateway into it. The variety of the flowers was overwhelming; more than the eye could take in; tall and short, bright and bold, shy and retiring, single flowers and multiple florets, flowers of every colour, shade and hue.

In the adjoining field there were plants growing in rows. They were all very similar, though some taller and some shorter. In this field, all other types of plants had been crowded out or weeded out – the result of human cultivation and selection.

But in the meadow, where everything had been brought in, not by human decision but by the wind, there was joyous crowding but no jostling. Each flower, wonderfully and fearfully made, was serenely un-self conscious and the more beautiful for it. Every plant was simply what God had put in it to be. None considered itself ‘just a …’ or was resentful that it wasn’t something ‘bigger or better’. All the flowers gloried in becoming the glory they were created to be.

We should aim to do the same. If we seek to glorify God in our lives, unself-conscious of what we think we ought to be, or what we think other people want us to be; if we open ourselves to the Son and if we are being continually filled with His Spirit, then we have the potential to change the atmosphere around us and bring healing to our land. 

- Paul Claydon



Gateway Church Ashford, is a church in Ashford, Kent, and is part of the New Frontiers movement and within the Catalyst Network sphere.

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