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Feedback - Walking Group

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The idea for a walking group began when Riverside was newly opened.   I wasn’t really sure of the geography surrounding it and wondered if it would be possible for people walk there easily.

After carrying out a reconnaissance trip, we set a date and on a snowy March afternoon about 25 hardy souls, of all ages, set out from Riverside, across Victoria Park on a circular route, ending with tea and cake.

From then on, in a rather haphazard fashion, we have organised several other walks, always managing to end with tea and cake!

This year, whilst still scheduling walks around Ashford, we are expanding our horizons by asking some of the keen walkers to choose a route and lead the walk. On New Year’s Day, Sharon and Jim kicked this off with an afternoon on Wye Downs, skilfully ending in The Flying Horse.

With a bit of forward planning, we have now put together a programme for the next three walks, which are listed on the newsletter. We have tried to include a brief description of distance/time and terrain, but they are always child and dog friendly!

Now we are on two sites on Sunday mornings, this will give us another opportunity to catch up with one another.

Look out for plans for a longer Saturday walk during the summer, involving a picnic!

- Anna Haajes


Gateway Church Ashford, is a church in Ashford, Kent, and is part of the New Frontiers movement and within the Catalyst Network sphere.


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